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Shonna Watkins was raised in Baltimore City.  From an early age, she displayed a love for all things beauty. 


Upon becoming a model in a local agency, her love for applying makeup grew into her passion. Her family and friends noticed how well she applied her own makeup and began asking her to apply makeup for special occasions and events. 


Soon after, Shonna discovered Youtube makeup tutorials. She practiced and researched tutorials for hours at a time, learning as much as she could. But she wanted to learn more. 


For a whole year, Shonna took one on one classes and workshops with respected makeup artists in the field to bring the best to her clients. Shonna continues to stay on trend and expand her skills.


While making up her clients, Shonna noticed a need for someone in her city to fulfill the need of a brow specialist. She went on to Fortis Institute to enroll in the Esthetics program, then later obtained her license.  From there, Shonna has spent several years building her name as the “brow girl” her clients affectionately call her.


Shonna is based in MD. 

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